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Off to the hospital

Yesterday I saw my therapist and, after I told her of my depression and its extent, she suggested I go to the hospital for stabilization. Probably only a week or a bit more. I have been going to Timberlawn Hospital Trauma Unit for almost 4 years now. This will be the 4th time. In my opinion, the Trauma Unit is excellent and targets my needs very well. They treat symptoms, rather than disorders, which I think is a good idea since disorders are just attempts to categorize the wide variety of emotional symptoms. It’s easy to get hung up on exactly what someone’s diagnosis is, and also to make judgments about treatment based purely on the Dx and not on the person’s symptoms as a whole.

In fact, I like Timberlawn so much I wrote a review of the Trauma Unit and posted it to Associated Content:
Review:Timberlawn Trauma Program

I can’t say I’m glad to go though. I’m actually reluctant and dreading it. There is always the fear of people I don’t know, and the fear associated with being locked up and losing control over some aspects of my life. The fact that I’ve chosen to give up the control for my own good doesn’t make it any less frightening.

I’m fortunate to be getting a lot of support and encouragement. I really need it!


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