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On Political Styles

I was having a discussion with a friend tonight about the merits of John McCain, and I started philosophizing about the three ways that politicians can conduct their business. Some are party loyalists — they make decisions based on the will of their party, and very rarely buck the system. The elite of the party controls the government when those politicians are in the majority. But who controls the party elite? The military-industrial complex, the top 1% of the wealthy, aliens preparing for colonization? Perhaps all of the above at one time or another. But I digress.

The second type of politician is the one who tries to do what is “right.” The problem is, who decides what is right? Why, the politician him/herself, of course! These individuals are usually sincere, true believers who genuinely want to make the world better. They are convinced that their judgments are correct. They may believe that they have special insight or contact with a deity, or simply that they are the only ones clever enough to understand the truth. This style of politician can be an angel or a demon, depending on his/her value system.

Finally, there is the elected politician who is responsible to his/her constituents and generally follows the will of the people is making decisions. In the spirit of actual democracy, he or she tries to find out what the electorate wants — even if it doesn’t seem “right” and it isn’t what the party and the elite want. While this seems admirable, do masses of people really know what is best for them?

The perennial question… who should be in charge? What political style is best? My friend likes McCain because he sticks to his values. He is the second type of politician. To be honest, that makes me nervous. Why? Because by definition, the politician who sticks to HIS values is not likely to be receptive to mine. Angel or demon — which will he be? Only time will tell.


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