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I received this link in my email today because I subscribe to the bipolar newsletter. (I highly recommend it)
This brief article explains one reason why bipolar individuals may not accept that they have a disease, and may discontinue meds as a result of disbelief. It may not be simple denial!


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Pdoc update

Last Wednesday I saw Dr. Hall for the second time since Timberlawn (it’s hard to believe it’s been six weeks!). He asked how many episodes I usually have per year, and I said 1-2. I didn’t say this at the time, but usually it is one major and one minor. He suggested that we work to decrease that to 0-1 (or even better, just 0), and asked what I was doing to help myself stay stable. I admitted that I had not been doing all the things I know to do. We discussed schedules in particular, and exercise. We agreed that I would do my best to make the lifestyle changes, then we’d reevaluate the situation to determine whether I need a change of medication.

In the past six weeks I have done very well with medication compliance — I don’t think I’ve missed a psych med even once in that time! (I have been less successful with the iron pills) This is a major improvement to the way it was pre-hospitalization. I was missing doses right and left and what’s worse, I didn’t care. Now I do! The next step is to apply the same dedication to the other changes I need to make. It won’t work to fix them all at the same time. One a week or even every two weeks is quite enough.

This week and next week (last two weeks of August) I will focus on Morning and Evening Routines plus Weekly Home Blessing Hour (on Monday if possible).

This is my Morning Routine:
* awakening prayer *
* make bed *
* make/drink coffee — journal *
* dress *
* get Mrs. Allie’s paper — M & Th take out trash *
* exercise *
* eat breakfast — take meds *
* clean dishes *
* brush teeth — affirmations *
* Morning Prayer *

Evening Routine:
* brush teeth/wash face — affirmations *
* Evening Prayer *
* journal *
* take meds *
* meditation or music *

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