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Mild Hypomania

I say mild because it hasn’t really interfered with my daily life at this point (and I pray it won’t). It’s more a matter of better than average moods and increased productivity — perhaps what is normal for other people?? But for me it is hypomania, since my normal mood is probably lower than most people’s.

I haven’t been journaling, which is probably not good. Instead I stay busy doing things. Of course, I did have that nightmare last week. I think I wrote about it here. When that occurred, I examined my emotions and talked to Judy about them (on Wednesday, which was odd — is my next appt. Wed.? I think it is. Better call her ’cause I won’t be there). Perhaps when I am like this it is best to use something tangible, i.e. artistic, to convey my feelings instead of words.

(after making picture) Well this is certainly interesting. I can’t deny that I have felt a lot of emotional pain recently. Various things really. Nothing overwhelming in itself. Perhaps I will spend some more time creating pictures and other artistic expressions of the feelings.


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